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Sunday, October 07, 2012


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This Henry III Vs De Montfort saga would make an excellent tv series

Matt NL

Love this period David, very interesting part of English history. Too bad you can't also discuss French history, also fascinating. Maybe someone wants to step up to the plate and make THOF? ;-)

The History of England

I agree! It should be a film - though how many good historical movies do you know? And yes Matt - are you volunteering? There is a Napoleon podcast out there I think...

Matt NL

Come on David, I thought you could do the THOF podcast during the week and THOE in the weekend. You've already got the French pronunciation 'down' ;)

The History of England

Excellent - I've been practising that accent. Ah yup, sure - give me another 10 years and I'll start on France; I'll give the rostbeouf a beating...

Paul in Canada

Keep up the great work, David.
I look forward to each new installment.
You do a terrific job of weaving personalities, cicumstances and motives into a fine tale.
I listen while doing chores. So far I've cleaned the basement and the attic, stacked the firewood, raked piles of leaves. I expect to paint the guest bedroom by the end of Edward I.

The History of England

Hi Paul, and thanks for the compliment. Hopefully you won't run out of chores, I'd hate to lose a listener!


I don't do facebook so I'm going to post my question here, as this is where I'm at in the podcast.

You've mentioned several times how unusual it is for this time period for people to be holding kings accountable to standards regarding how they rule. Such as when the mayor of London swears fealty to the king as long as the king treats the people properly.

This makes me wonder why, assuming that your assertion is correct, this sort of progress occurred in England at this time. I've tried to consider the history your podcast has discussed, and I can't think of any particular reason why the people of England had this attitude before people elsewhere did. I mean, kings elsewhere must have behaved as badly towards their people as the kings of England did, yet apparently they didn't meet with the kind of resistance that the kings of England did.

Can you recommend any books which discuss why England was different in this regard from the rest of Europe?


The History of England

Hi Rich...it just so happens that my knowledge of developments outside England is wafer thin. S I am not sure I can answer your question. My assumption had always been that England was not particularly exceptional; There are examples in Europe where freedoms won fro rulers exceed those in England; Flanders and Northen Italy spring to mind; Germany also a little later, though generally really only in relation to the Great Men. It's not that England was exceptional, but that over time these things add up, and England does end up in a substantially different place. Or that's my view, and I'd also love to see a comparative study, and whether there's any theory as to whether it's anything more than an accident of History.

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