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Sunday, September 09, 2012


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How "The History of England" has helped me in a social setting #1:

On the weekend I was at a 3rd birthday party, and chatting away to an Englishman whose son goes to the same kindy that my daughter's friend does. (Sorry about that confusing and irrelevant detail.) After the obligatory expression of remorse arising from the Broncos' loss to North Queensland in week one of the finals (and he had been here long enough to join in heartily) he made mention of the fact that he was heading back to the UK for a couple of weeks, before spending another couple of weeks in Cyrpus.

"Well," I piped up, "you should have some interesting stuff to see there. Didn't Richard the First pop through Cyprus en route to Outremer?" He excitedly affirmed that it was just so, and went on to talk about Crusader castles that he intended visiting.

True, but nerdy, story.

Anyway, another good episode this week. Looking forward to resuming the narrative.

The History of England

Dan, you may think that I started thehistoryofengland of England because i am a sad loser hung up on history. But I fact, as you have now begun to realise, it was in fact part of a social experiment to help improve the quality of conversation across the world. As evidenced - moving away from discussion about the Bronco's....
Possibly unwise of me to bring the Bronco's into this, of course. But delighted to have helped you socially!


Before this episode, the only mental image i had was of 'Edward Longshanks' from the movie Braveheart. Good to see i can keep the bias! Is it just me or are the lusignon always lurking in the shadows, playing the stereotypical French villain? the english should have caught on before Henry III. The de lusignon tried to kidnap Eleanor. Richard was cut off at the knees by the lusignon in outrmer. English history is not a march towards parliament it's a record of the trecherous lusignon!

The History of England

Hi Charlie...and yes, there are many things I've found out and I agree, that's one of them! Les blessed Lusignans sont partout n'est-ce que pas ? I would love to do a history of the Lusignan - and turning up in the holy land to boot. I THINK that they now disappear from English history though - that's our lot

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