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Sunday, August 12, 2012


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I came across this article earlier today and thought of your podcast, as poor starving peasants in 1258 is close to your current subject matter.


One wonders if unrest due to the famine might've added to the revolutionary mood of the country. Could a volcano in South America be responsible for the House of Commons today?

In anycase, HoE remains my favourite history podcast. Keep up the good work.

John Davis, Norwich UK

Great stuff again David! Keep em coming

The History of England

Hi Brendan
Thanks for the link to the article; itsn't it fascinating how everything is so connected? I am sure you are right - it's very likely there's a link between the chaos caused by poeple flooding into London and the air of radicalism. I'll share the link on Facebook to boot...


I'd like to hear for from this Professor Prestwich you speak of. I did find a historian who had some video podcasts. The site hides them so that I can't get to them.They require javascript, which I won't allow. I wonder if this is the person you speak of.
The one I found was at:

I enjoy your podcast. I hope you enjoy doing it.
Good day


Hi David,
I am happy to say that my epic journey from not long after 1066 to the present day (which for the purposes of this comment means "the thirteenth century") has brought me up to date with the podcast. If I can admonish you for one thing it is putting the image in my mind of "all the fun and enjoyment that can be found in Ricky Ponting's jockstrap". Not the sort of image ANYONE likes walking into work with in the morning. That admonishment is every so slightly tempered by the restraint that you showed in not asking us to imagine "all the fun and enjoyment that can be found in Shane Warne's jockstrap". Had you done so, I may just have unsubscribed.

Anyway, I am looking forward to continuing the journey in real time, so to speak.

The History of England

Howdy Ralph - thanks for sending the link through - and yes indeed, this is the same man, Michael Prestwich. Thanks for the link, it's a good listen.

The History of England

Welcome, Dan, to the 13th Century!
Yup, guilty as charged on the Ricky Ponting thing. What REALLY worries me is why the image came into my head in the first place...

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