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Monday, May 28, 2012


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Zack Twamley

Hey guys, Zack here. Just a small correction. If you could go to this address: http://whendiplomacyfails.libsyn.com rather than the wrong one I gave to David (unless you want to see my HTML code!). Thanks for the listen and let me know what you thought! Search me on iTunes: 'When Diplomacy Fails' and like the Facebook page under the same name. Cheers!

Brian Combs

Hey, David. Thanks for letting Zack play in your pool.

Zack, the episode was nicely informative, and I've signed up for your podcast.

The History of England

Hello Brian. Well, it's a pleasure. Not only do I get a great podcast to keep people interested, I also get a week off and can wander around pompously talking about a community of podcasters...can't lose!

Sören Nordh

I would also like to thank you David for letting Zack on your podcast.

Zack, nice work on the episode, I have now signed up!

Keep up the good work, and that goes to the both of you!

Best Wishes from Sweden :)

Zack Twamley

Thanks a million Soren! I see you liked the facebook page too, I just love it when people do what I tell them! Expect episode 3 very soon!

David Nolan (dsc73277)

Good work Zack. Battlefield history has never been my thing, so I enjoyed the background and before and after sections most. The half hour seemed to zip by, so you must be getting something right.

I'm afraid I can't "like" you on Facebook as I refuse to sign-up with them. I have, however, added your site to Stumble Upon.

If you are thinking of doing an episode on Napoleon versus Russia, you might like to watch/listen to this brilliant LSE lecture podcast by Professor Dominic Lieven

Zack Twamley

Oooh that looks interesting Dave thanks!
Personally I prefer the build up to war as well, but I understand people may be a bit miffed if I skip the battle itself. I'm sure I will tackle the Napoleonic Wars in the future, but it'll likely be a two-parter or even a three-parter when I do.
On a side note, if you like Napoleonic History you should check out the Napoleonic Podcast, search it on iTunes. It's done in a discussion format but it's very interesting. A word of warning though, they can be overly pro-Napoleon at times, other than that though it's great!
Look at me , advertising another podcast on here, the shame of it!
Thanks again dave!


Loved it Zack, you did a great job. I love the idea of your podcast, combining history and politics. I'm going to go over and sign up now.


The terminogy is deceptive, although the Podcast is fantastic. Englihs Army may not be a correct word. Roman.Norman-English may be a justified term, otherwise history becomes a mere hate propaganda ..

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