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Sunday, May 13, 2012


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great podcast - loved the vauxhall quote. So, the great Marshall is now dead. At least I'll stop posting annoying corrections. I liked your comment about the Count of Perche and how sad everyone was. Makes you wonder how old Will Marshal would have taken it, especially as they were cousins (albeit a couple of generations difference) I'm a great fan of the Plantaganets, so am really looking forward to the next weeks/ months.
oh.. nearly forgot - Victoria, George III, Edward III, Elizabeth II (assuming you're not counting the combined Scottish and English reign of James I)

The History of England

By 'eck, Tracey, you really know your stuff about the Marshal. I had no idea about the cousin stuff. And yes, you are absolutely right; and you get the extra bonus point for James VIth and Ist. Please allow yourself to wallow in glory and fame.


Thanks David for the compliment. I've been interested in the Marshal for sometime now - a really intriguing character and relatively unknown. It just seems that wherever you are or what ever you do he or a relative crop up everywhere!! It's probably a book that appears in your collection, but if not I really recommend William Marshal, Court, Career and Chivalry in the Angevin Empire 1147 - 1219 by David Crouch.

John Weiss

As a side note, I just discover that Radio 4's Things We Forgot to Remember from about a week ago (I'm a shade beyond, I admit) was about Magna Carta and William the Marshal. Not as informative as this podcast was, but thoroughly atmospheric and complete with some thoughts about why this episode has slipped through the historical cracks.

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