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Sunday, May 06, 2012


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"As mad as a box of cheese" nearly killed me as I was mid-drink. The Magna Carta document is brilliant - thanks a lot for taking the time to do it. Really interesting to see it in detail, rather than the vague idea I had before about it being a sort of constitution. Interesting to hear the historiography as well. Keep up the good work. Now THOR's finally over you can slip seamlessly into Mike's shoes as the best history podcaster out there!


I have to confess to not having listened (yet) to the podcast as I am saving it for a bout of mundane activities, i.e. ironing, hoovering etc. However, I couldn't resist a quick peek at the Great Charter of Liberties. I hope I'm not treading on toes and if I'm totally wrong I shall crawl back under my stone (or just get on with my ironing and hoovering!). Looking at the 'dramitis personae' my eye was drawn to the Marshal and I noticed you have said that John Marshal was his son. Was he not his nephew? I thought his son, William, was with 'team' barons. If i'm barking up the wrong tree please tell me so in no uncertain terms (I bow to your much more superior knowledge on all of this history stuff!) Anyway,have to go and I'm really looking forward to listening to the podcast when I eventually get round to my ironing......

The History of England

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Yes, you are absolutely right. John is indeed a nephew, not a son, and yes it's William Junior who is the schismatic (or for a while at least). Consider this a full, public apology and retraction... and I will revise the dramatis personae...


And I was wondering if I just missed it or did you fail to mention that Bury St Edmunds Abbey is where Cardinal Langton and the barons met in 1214 to swear an oath to make King John accept the conditions of the Magna Carta.
You might know how I feel about Bury and the Abby. Just one of my very favorite places in all Suffolk - or England, for that matter. Love grabbing a kabob from the shop next door, and wondering around the grounds.
If you did mention it, well then, just tell me and I'll get back to my ironing, like Tracey.

The History of England

O Lord, what a bad week it's been! No Priscilla, I completely failed to mention that it was Bury where Stephen met with the barons. Mea culpa, again. But very glad that you have now mentioned it!


I'll add my thanks for the annotated Magna Carta. What an extraordinary effort. Have enjoyed the era of King John and looking forward to the Plantagenets. It will be enjoyable, no doubt.


Wonderful job with the charter! I downloaded it for later study. This was one of your best espisodes. I especially liked the "batmobile in Angevin wriggle mode" comment.

I agree with Harry about filling Mike's shoes with this podcast. Keep up the good work.

The History of England

Thanks Wes and Jeremy! Much appreciated... the legal documents get longer from here on in I think though !


Thanks for this. I wish I had have had your annotated Magna Carta with me a few years ago when studying a decidedly fascinating uni subject called "Law, Society and Justice". I look forward to your annotated Bill of Rights 1688 ;-p

Seriously, though. Good stuff.

As an aside, have you listened to the "In Our Time" episode on the Magna Carta? I remember enjoying it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00k4fg7

The History of England

Hi Dan
Yes, I did listen to that - though as it happens after I had done the episode, which wasn't the cleverest bit of planning but never mind. It was good - as most of them are I think.
I came to the Provisions of Westminster determined to do the same thing...took one look at the length of it and...Nope, not for me. So any volunteers? I've got the text....

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