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Sunday, April 15, 2012


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Chris Berkeley

What is a "carrotcake tax"? I cannot figure out what this is meant to be.

All night long I had visions of Bad King John's armored thugs raiding WVS and Mothers' Union meetings all over the sceptered isle to check if the requisite amount had been paid on carrot flavored sponge cakes.

Please explicate.


I went blindly looking on iTunes for exactly this! Thank you for making a comprehensive podcast on the history of England that is both education and entertaining. As an American, I was taught one "world history" class in high school that sort of covered some English events (i.e. The Battle of Hastings, the signing of the Magna Carta) but nothing ever as in depth as I wished. Other than that, my European history has, sadly, been gleaned from films and romance novels. Please keep it up! I can't wait until you get to the Restoration!

The History of England

Hi Chris..it's a lovely image. I reckon the WI would be more than a match for any thugs John could muster. But actually it's Carrucate tax - a carrucate being a unit of land. Wikipedia does a lovely diagram...just go here and you can see the land divisions thing - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carucate. Anyway, John hated it 'cos he had to ask for permission, but it raised a lot of cash. It also included moveable good - so I supposed they could have taxed the Carrot cake to boot..

Josey, thanks for the encouragement ! Usually people so can't wait for the Tudors, so the Restoration sounds good! Does that mean you are not a Cromwell fan?

Anne Henderson

Wow! I discovered your podcast on iTunes a month or so ago and, as I am about 3 years behind you, am gobbling it all up quite gluttonously! No waiting week by week for me!
I really like your digressions - dense chunks of politics or warfare can be wearing and I am happily relieved by the "local colour" that your digressions bring in. As well as your punchy style and vivid commentary.
Your website is also fantastic. As I usually listen while walking the dogs, I hadn't checked in to it until today and am amazed at the variety, depth and content.
Thank you!

The History of England

Hi Anne - thanks! I do love a nice comment! I suspect that if people didn't cycle, walk dogs or d the ironing I would have no listeners!

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