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Sunday, March 11, 2012


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Ian Hobbs

Hi David
Just caught up with a backlog of 8 episodes and, as ever, thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts. I really enjoy the balance of history and humour in yoru presentation. Listenign to the latest podcast I was reminded of a Son et Lumiere I went to many years ago with my wife at Castillon - which was depicting La Battaile de Castillon. I know that was 1453 but it traced back to Eleanor of Aquitaine and was very evocative. We bought a record (shows how long ago it was!) by Eric le Collen featuriung music of the peiod - one track of whcih was called le Morte D'Arthe - not sure if it referred to the title of this podcast episode? If I can find a way of sending you the track I will do so. One very small bit of critical feedback if I may - in the background I keep hearing a loud metallic noise a bit like a metal item in a tumble dryer which is distracting - any chance of losing it? Anyway, thanks again for the podcast. Look forward to the next episode. Best Wishes Ian

Chas Smith

Didn't know if you've seen this yet:

Remains of dark ages princess found in field in Cambridge


The History of England

Excellent, really interesting article. Hopefully more will be revealed...the ornament looks very like the Sutton Hoo treasures

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