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Sunday, January 22, 2012


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Great podcast David - really enjoying listening to it at the moment. Just wondered if you could briefly go through the state of Europe as a whole at the time of the Angevins. For example, what's going on in Spain and Portugal at this time and further East past Germany? Also, what are the Scandinavian countries doing - why have they suddenly (i.e. since 1066ish) completely fallen out of the story?

The History of England

That's a dangerously tempting suggestion, Harry. I'd love to do that...not sure what it would do to the narrative of England, and what it'd do to my time (research and all), but it's a really good idea. I'll think about adding it to a podcast episode...

Robert Pucius

How can I get episodes 35 to 100+, they don't seem to download

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