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Sunday, January 22, 2012


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Johan Koning

David, I like your podcast. I'ts very interesting. I've downloaded all episodes of Time Team. Altough many episodes of Time Team are about the Roman period, it helps me to understand your podcast.

In your list of podcast is missing the Russian Rulers Podcast by Mark Schauss. Also interesting.

Bye, Johan Koning, Zwolle, The Netherlands

The History of England

Hi Johan - yes I love the Time Team too. I imagine that having the entire back catalogue to watch will keep you occupied for a while ! Thanks for posting , and for the tip about Russian Rulers, I'll look it up.


It seems like recent scholarship has set out to tear down the legend of Richard Coeur de Leon. This episode was nicely balanced. If Hollywood had written the script of the Third Crusade, though, the story would have ended with a duel between Richard and Saladin at the climax of a mighty siege of Jerusalem.

Rob Shinnick

I love Time Team! It's not so easy to find on the TV this side of the pond, though. Funny, I didn't think about using the Web to see them until just now.

Fun and fascinating as usual, David- thanks.

Simon Evans

Well, here I am. Finally. This is where you were at when I first started listening, about 6 months ago. And I've been trying hard to go through chronologically with you and not jump ahead. I am really enjoying this series so thank you for all your efforts. Give me another couple of months and I should be caught right up :-) Just for your interest, I am listening here in New Zealand, I must be the furthest listener away as you can't really go too much further without starting to come back. Thanks again.

The History of England

Yup, fair point - not much further you can go. I did try to do a bit of research and find some small scientific settlement in Antarctica, so I could come back with some smart - Alec comment but that didn't work. Anyway, glad you are enjoying it

Alexander Bogart

When King Richard counter charges with the Norman and English contingents, who is the other leader? William D'something. I cannot make it out and am not great with French names. And yes, I'm listening in 2015!


The History of England

Hi Alexander, sorry, took a bit of a while to reply. I listened again myself - by 'eck, I read at quite a clip back in those days did I not? It's a chap called William de Barres. Actually William was Philip Augustus's man, I believe.

Melissa Moore

I love your podcast! I think you do a very good job, although as someone mentioned, you do speak kind of fast. But your podcast is right up there with Hard Core History and Revolutions, two of my favorite podcasts (which now is three).

The History of England

Melissa - you are very kind! And hang on in there - I do manage to slow it down later. Takes a while.

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