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Sunday, January 15, 2012


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Wes Faubel

You really don't need to apologize much for a digression. I think that most of us who listen to podcasts like yours are interested in multiple areas of history.

It is really great to follow-up some of this rather than say "Then Richard went off to war for x years and when he got back....."

Great podcast, I was laughing at parts of it. Very cheeky!


The History of England

Thanks Wes. The thing I enjoyed most was the chronicler who described the scene in the tent after Hattin. Really, the thought of Saladin dragging the beheaded body of Chatillon over to Guy and then 'speaking re-assuringly' made me howl with laughter.

Simon Thomas

Hi again David,

Slightly off topic, but hope you have been watching the BBC4 Series - Illuminations: The Private Lives of Medieval Kings. For an original document lover like you it must come close to the perfect TV programme.

The History of England

Hi Simon - yes I've caught a few of these, really enjoying them. I came across a blog the British Library do as well which is worth a look ... http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/digitisedmanuscripts/2012/01/illuminations-the-private-lives-of-medieval-kings.html
Cheers, David

michael evans

This article is well written and very informative. I really like this site because it offers loads of information to its followers.

Lorna McLaughlin-Dies

Want to say I stumbled across these podcasts a couple of weeks or so ago and I've managed to get to Richard in that time
Enjoying these very much. Keep up the good work
I'm hoping to catch up to Richard II soon

hi from Lorna. (In Canada)

The History of England

Hi Lorna. Ah lovely Canada, I am most envious! Great to hear you are enjoying it, and thanks for the encouragement.


It appears that Skip Knox's crusade site is no longer up. Know of any others? Thanks!


It's my podcast and I'll crusade if I want too! Love it

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