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Monday, December 12, 2011


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David Nicoll

Congratulations on the first year of the podcast. This is potentially shaping up to be the English version of the History of Rome podcast, which is high praise indeed. As someone who (having been a bit of a Theology student in the day) really loves the Tudor period for intrigue, I've thoroughly enjoyed getting more detail on the earlier phases on English history. It's been 35 odd years since I did the Vikings at school, so those podcasts were real eye openers.

Perhaps a podcast on manorialism might be interesting to listeners? A friend of mine has done a lot of research (for a layman) on manorialism and the development of manorial law to the modern day, and I'm sure he'd love to do something with you. He did one for a (now defunct) podcast I used to run, and has spoken on local BBC radio on the subject so he is comfortable with a microphone. Give me a shout via twitter @davidcnicoll if that grabs you.

Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

I haven't had a chance to listen to the latest installment but I wanted to share this link. I spent happy times in the area around Dürnstein in Austria and the legend is fondly retold, in a few versions, of Richard's incarceration in the castle there and his rescue by the minstrel. Love your work btw.


Wes Faubel

Congratulations on your first year!

I echo David's comment above about this shaping up to be as good as THOR. I must admit I take great comfort in the fact that as Mike nears the downfall of Rome and the end of his podcast, I have this one to fall back on.

I do hope that you either mis-spoke or I mis-heard you say that the Jewish mass suicide at Masada was 70BC. My sources say 73CE

The History of England

Hi Wes - and thanks for the encouragement.

Oh dear, it looks as though I have boobed - you are quite right. I also see there's some doubt about whether the suicide actually happened ?


Holocaust: Peple of London were furious at Jewish presence at Richards's coronation; a fire broke out in Jewish quarter and their houses were burnt, it was holocaustem in Latin language used in 13th century England, it was called Holocaust (Holo: all, Caust: burning)in 13th century when English became the official labguage as well. Burning of alive was the favourte Roman ritual, they used to torch their enemies; and there were a lot of Roman.descendents of those who lived on when Roman Empire ended in 5th century; however, the Roman Empire was resurrected in 800 /800-1806 when Napoleon Bonaparte dismantled it( in the form of The Holy Roman German Empire when Charlesmagne was coronated as the Roman Emperor, and the Roman customs, rituals continued in the form of Roman Christianity, as Roman Emperor Constantine I accepted Christianity as the political ideology/official religion of the Roman Empire...and Roman everywhere converted to Christianity.....

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