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Sunday, December 04, 2011


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Rob Shinnick

Hello, David and fellow listeners!

This is Rob in the USA. Happy Holidays and greetings from the Golden Isles of Georgia!

I haven't listened to this episode yet- I'm still back a ways and haven't caught up. I'm still a relatively new listener.

Anyway, David, you'd earlier put out a call for some listener podcast contributions and such, but I believe it fell flat. I for one don't have the necessary technical skill to contribute in that way. But here's what I propose to do...

I'm a coin guy, you see (longtime collector and part time dealer). And I love old English coins. So I thought I'd pledge a giveaway of some fun old coins. Nothing super valuable, mind you- I haven't got the money to offer up a nice gold sovereign or Anglo Saxon penny, though I do periodically get inexpensive medieval coins.

What I propose is this. Just for fun, I hereby pledge to donate a small group of five old coins, as a promotional giveaway to some lucky History Of England podcast listener. Click the link to see 'em:


If David would see fit to make a short announcement in a future episode, and challenge all listeners to "stand and deliver"- in other words, stand up and be counted by posting a comment- then I'll take a random number generator and select a winner from amongst those who commented. (In other words, the digital equivalent of drawing a name from a hat).

I can then send the coins to the winner, once I've been provided a shipping address. (Alternately, I could ship them to David and he could mail them from the UK, but I'm perfectly willing to save him the hassle and ship direct from this side of the pond.)

I enjoy podcasts like this immensely- they make my dull overnight shifts more tolerable.

So what say ye all? Want to win some coins? Just add a comment or do whatever it is David decides to announce. I stand by, ready to donate them. Don't forget his PayPal donation link, too. I've been too cheap to use it thus far, so let this be my first modest contribution. If the response is good, then hey- who knows- maybe I'll do it again later, with an even older and better coin or two!

DISCLAIMER: David had no prior notice of me offering this. I'm going under my own initiative, here. If he decides for whatever reason that such a giveaway would cause problems for him, then it's off. But otherwise, it could be fun, eh?

Rob Shinnick

Aha- perhaps the appeal for others to contribute DIDN'T fall on deaf ears after all! I see now that this one, 43a, was apparently contributed by someone else. Excellent. (Again, sorry I haven't listened yet, but I remain centuries behind and will have to catch up later, since I came aboard belatedly.)

The History of England

The Rob Shinnick Great British Coin giveaway sounds superb to me; brilliant idea, thanks Rob. Listeners watch this space...

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