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Thursday, November 10, 2011


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Lianne Christian

HI David,

I'm only just starting to catch up having found your podcast rather late. I am enjoying it immensely and particularly this episode that I listened to this morning on my way to work. Particularly this: "At this point, Thomas is supposed to have resided to the ground saying

For the name of Jesus and the protection of the church I am ready to embrace death.

Personally, I doubt it. I think if you’ve had the crown of your head sliced off, you have little time to do anything more than say ‘ouch’ and then crash to the floor, but I could be wrong.

Totally cracked me up and I had the giggles for ages!

Keep up the good work David, I will catch up soon and look forward to every episode :)

The History of England

Thanks Lianne! As I read the chroniclers, it did make me laugh too as they piled more and more on this chap's last words!

Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi

Dear David
Like Lianne I am also just coming late to this series. I'm on episode 41. I'm a big fan of historical novels. I wanted to ask you about your opinion of the play/movie Beckett. What parts did you like? What did you think was done wrong?

And then, -- this is for everyone out there -- are there any good novels about Beckett? I'm imagining something like Hilary Mantel's approach to the French Revolution in (A place of greater safety) and her later novels.

Anything you loved? Anything I should stay away from?

Thank you for the podcast series. In the past month I've listened nearly every day --

The History of England

Hi Sharon

Um well, the film feels terribly old fashioned, but I think that's partly a stylistic thing; it's interesting how the attitude to history has changed. We are much more sceptical now about the traditional/received view of English history. But despite that it was quite fun, and I liked the way they tried to genuinely show how the two were friends in their earlier lives.

I don't know of a novel I'm afraid - try out the History of England podcast group on Facebook - someone there might be able to help.

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