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Sunday, October 30, 2011


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Trev Bailey

David, I always look forward to each of your podcasts, and have now started going back over them all again.....so thank you:) I'd just like to ask if you could mention a little more about the governance and links between England and what is now France at the stage we are at now......as in, which side of the channel would have been considered the true center of administration? Cheers....Trev Bailey, Bulwell, Nottingham........Keep up the great work bud! :)

Trev Bailey

Sorry guys, I've been on nights and had no access to a PC! I have just read Davids breakdown of the Empire.....lol I have only really been able to listen on my phone just lately! So will be sure to have a good read up too.....:) Trev

Simon Thomas


Am enjoying the detailed analysis of the reign of Henry II - surely the greatest of all the English kings? You mention that he rarely sat down - not sure about the reason for this at the start of his life but towards the end he was suffering from an anal cyst, which can't have encouraged it. Still, like a good un, he kept on riding hither and tither.

After listening to Episode 39, I was also struck by the series of events that led to Henry coming peaceably to the throne. There does seem to be a bit of a theme here accross English history - notably with Henry VII but also William and Mary - of regieme change following a long period of unrest whereby the new monarch is broadly accepted due to an overwhelming desire to return to a period of stability. Of course it helped Henry VII that most of the other possible claimants to the throne were dead (and he married the only other plausible candidate) but I wonder if it is an indication of the long established principle of the rule of law in the UK?

Anyway - have almost caught up with you, have enjoyed it a great deal


The History of England

Hi Simon - I didn't know about the anal cyst thing - how could I have missed it! Yes, good point about a basic desire for stabliity. Is Charles IInd another example?

Sean H

Hi David,
Best episode yet. Lots of helpful and interesting insights into how medieval governance worked. Very interesting structure and topic. Thanks & keep up the good work!

Henry F

Hiya, David,

Still working through the podcasts and this one is also one of my favorites yet. By the way, as was the case with Mike Duncan, the audio quality has subtly and steadily improved episode-to-episode.

Any thoughts toward some type of Amazon Subscription scheme?

Thanks and keep it up!


Hello David,
I thought I'd leave you a comment to let you know that someone (me) has recently found your podcast and is enjoying it. I've started at the beginning - and just got to this episode today. I love your writing and way of speaking. You are very engaging.
Thanks again for all you are doing.

The History of England

Ooh lovely, thanks Lisa! Always good to welcome a new listener!

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