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Sunday, September 18, 2011


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Simon Thomas


When you impress your children by reciting the monarchs of England (I'm sure its not just me), do you include Matilda and Stephen? Or just Stephen? I know she wasn't crowned but a significant section of the population (the ones that mattered at any rate) considered her Queen, she was the chosen successor and Stephen was clearly a usurper. Obviously you wouldn't include Jane Grey (I think you get extra marks for including Richard Cromwell) but I can't help but feel that Matilda should get at least an asterixed inclusion.

The History of England

Hi Simon

Thanks for your comments; I have to confess that I am rather traditional, and I don't include either Matilda or Lady Jane. In fact I don't know that I include Cromwell either. On the other hand, if I did actually try to talk my children through all the monarchs, I'd probably only get to Egbert before they'd left ! Funnily enough, in a very un-historian kind of way I don't like Matilda very much... So I suppose the other question is which king you'd start with ?

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