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Sunday, August 14, 2011


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Here's to 'the boring stuff' of history!

As an American I will shamelessly support you in this endeavor by sharing a stereotypical colloquialism of my patriae - you're 'sticking to your guns' and I appreciate you for it. Names, dates and battles are three of the reasons I listen to this podcast - they really are exciting in their own respective rights.

I hope my question a few podcasts back about Saxon / Norman Church laity conflicts weren't seen as mere 'social history', though I admit that, in and of itself, the question really was just that. As I learn more about the history of England, I realize how much cultural and social clashes between Puritans, Presbyterians, Catholics and so forth will be instrumental to understanding the distinctives and turning points in English history, and I suppose I was trying to anticipate that a little bit, get myself into the practice of thinking about English Church history, insofar as those sorts of conflicts are necessary to the historical framework I would think one would weave, if one were to be producing such an astounding and valuable podcast such as this one.

Anyhow, keep at it, I listen every week at work, I thoroughly anticipate new episodes, I even talk about it to friends!

David Crowther

Hi Matt - I'm glad you sent this so quickly - I'd actually released the wrong version ! I'd decided not to rant . . . and actually, I have to confess that I'm rather looking forward to doung a bit more of the social stuff. It'll be good for me.
And yes, I think you are absolutely right - the church and religious life is so very fundamental to so much of England's history that no history would be remotely complete without it.
Thanks very much for the kind words - very much appreciated and I hope you keep enjoying it !

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