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Sunday, August 07, 2011


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Hi. Just leaving a quick note to say thanks for all of the hard work that you put in to the podcast. I have been listening on and off for about six months and really need to get a bit of a kick along to catch up. Nonetheless, it's a pleasant and informative way to get through a run in the evening, so thanks again.

Keith C.

Thank you from Atlanta. Visited London in April, and your series has been just so great to understand significance of everything we saw...fantastic way to learn how we got here. 30 episodes into it thus far, so fully invested into the journey. Well done!

The History of England

Hurrah! And thanks to Milesfromthere and Keith from Atlanta from Davidfromhere for listening...and commenting. I do like a comment on the website. Glad you enjoyed London Keith; it has a variable reputation here...the beast as it were, and cmmuting in every day can be something of a pain. But when you take the time to look up and look around I love being there. Wouldn't want to live there but hey...

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