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Sunday, July 24, 2011


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Right, I'll leave your body and zip off to Winchester!

David Crowther

Ah, Brother. So good to see you are finally spending your time on something useful, instead of all that tecky stuff.
Sadly, I have no treasury stuffed with gold to break into. And unfortunately the crown currently has an owner with about a billion members of the royal family in line to take over (most of them on the civil list).

So you'd be best to put me on the cart and give me a good send off instead.

Pete S.

Such brotherly love brings a tear to my eye. First David talks about wanting to drown his brother, then Jonathan wants to abandon David's mortal remains for filthy lucre. You two really must be English :-).

David Crowther

Well, it's not just the English you know. The Normans were no better, as we are about to hear with Stephen and Henry of Blois.


By the way, loved your Ladybird book comment. I learned about the history of England while reading those books when my father was stationed in Scotland with the US Navy (in the 70's.) Loved the books and I think I used them once or twice for various reports over the years, and actually I think my folks still have them all, sitting in a box somewhere.

Sean H

Good episode. My favorite part: the side commentary at the end on surnames. Very interesting stuff. I look forward to more history that departs from the chronological big events (not that those aren't important, but they just aren't everything).

Thanks & keep up the good work!

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