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Sunday, June 26, 2011


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Pete S.

Interesting topic. Here's a follow-up question. Just how much trade did England have with the rest of the world and what were the commodities?

I'm especially interested in where all the gold they used to pay off the Danes and Vikings came from.

David Crowther

Hi Pete - thanks for the question; I've updated the post above to include what I know ! As ever, what we don't know is far outweighed by the snippets of information we do have.

Thomas Hudson

Thanks for dedicating a whole podcast to the subject! Really interesting stuff there, completely blew my assupmtions apart with regards to how much interaction there was and how far a field!
The coin sent to the pope had me laughing out loud while listening on earphones outside, luckily no one around to see me!

David Crowther

Hi Thomas - well it was only a short podcast ! It was a good question though, I enjoyed looking into it. The coin thing made me laugh too. I really hope nobody told him ...


Hey David, I don’t know if you still get a notification for comments that get posted here, but I have an idea about the old Anglo-Saxon map of the world. It either got uploaded sideways or the English had a different view about the orientation of the world. I think that the island in the bottom left of the map is Iceland. Above it is the islands off of Scotland. To the right of Iceland is Ireland with Britain above it. To the right of that is France and Spain. Above England is a Peninsula that is likely Denmark. Above and to the left of that is an island that probably represents Norway and Sweden. The landmass at the bottom right is Africa. The lake in the middle is the Mediterranean and the smaller lake connected to it is the Black Sea. The even smaller lake connected to the Mediterranean is the Adriatic Sea. The red river running off of the center lake is the Nile River. The land at the top of the map is the Middle East.

Do you think that this might be a good explanation? It obviously isn’t meant to be used by a sailor, but it might work well enough for someone trying to get a rough understanding of the world.

The History of England

Hi Hibernia..and you could be right! Sadly, I don't know who to check it with, but it looks like an very plausible solution.


Hi do you know what links the biggest Anglo Saxon towns (London York Bristol Norwich and Ipswich)

The History of England

For the first three the link is probably a combination of a port town, and a regional centre; for London of course additionally the international connection, and the river crossing. Ipswich was also a port, but also linked to the early kings of essex as a major manufacturing site. Come and visit us at the new website by the way- www.thehistoryofengland.co.uk

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