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Sunday, June 19, 2011


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Hello, David.

I wanted to thank you for the engaging and well researched podcast, which has helped to erase much fatigue from my commute to and from work and has carried a train of colorful characters and stories into the rest of the day.

A small aside (added with full appreciation of your humor and the utter irrelevance of this amendment) with regard to figurative language use: as a medic, I feel obliged to point out that boils are lanced, not cauterized, the latter being reserved for oozing vessels in surgery, or rambunctious medical students.

The History of England

Aaagh! Alex, how could I? Obviously this will mean a full public retraction, and a Jane Shore-like walk barefoot through the streets of London...

Glad you are enjoying it, and I shall lance the boil of inaccuracy!

Me Thomas


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