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Sunday, June 05, 2011


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Pete S.

Excellent, thanks for the answer. That is not what I expected and it's nice to learn something new.

And yes, as Jonathan has probably told you, he hired me into my current job and told me about the podcast.

David Crowther

The language questions a really interestung one. I'd really recommend that Melvyn Bragg books if you can find it, it was a good read. I think Bill Bryson did one to boot. And I'm very glad you're still listening . . . and of course you can now mock Jonathan for his own podcasting skills!

Pete S.

Teasing Jonathan: check.

Wishing to drown Jonathan: No, I'll leave that to you. ;-)

David Crowther

Ha! Yes, actually I need to pick that bone with you. I got a complaint from Jonathan - not because he'd picked it up but because I'm told you pointed it out. You are causing strife and discount in the Crowther family. . .

Sean H

Good episode (I'm just now getting this far on the podcast, having discovered it a few months ago).

David - I hope to see more of these sorts in the future. It can be very helpful to have some of these sorts of big picture questions answered. General culture, language, customs, living conditions ... especially how the other half lived (the poor, women, etc.). It would be fun if you were able to do one-episode snapshots of religious history, military history, economic history, technology, etc. Even industry like beer brewing! Its great information in general and adds variety to the chronological tales of "great men."

BTW ... On the evolution of English, you may enjoy Seth Lerer's History of the English Language (audio book, published by The Teaching Company). Very thorough work on all the hows and whys of how we went from the Englishes of the Middle ages to the Englishes of today.

Thanks & keep up the good work!

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