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Friday, February 18, 2011


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Jennifer Litchfield-Fernley

As an eight-year old, while all the other little girls were playing with their Barbies or whatever, I was listening to my 'Kings and Queens of England' cassette tape (which began with Alfred). Imagine my joy then, as I was idly scrolling through podcasts to occupy the commute to and from work, when I found your History of England series! It's just like my 'Kings and Queens of England' except it's for grown ups and with so much more interesting detail.

I've just finished listening to Episode 9 and I'm looking forward to hearing how my favourite (the "hammer of the Scots" whose name I've temporarily forgotten) and unfavourite (Richard Lionheart) monarchs fare under your microscope.

Thanks for creating such an ambitious and fascinating series.

The History of England

Hi Jennifer - thanks for the comment and I'm glad you are enjoying it! Edward Ist that would be... and I'm looking forward to talking about him!
It sounds as though we were doign the same thing as 8 year olds; in the podcast I keep mentioning my Labybird 'Kings and Queens of England' series I had then; and I'm not sure I've ever really moved on ! A number of my desperate, last minute university essays were based on it!

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