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Friday, December 24, 2010


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Nicely done!


Just discovered this, and I'm very impressed. One suggestion: for easy preview and review, you might put a little more detailed outline of the material (names, dates, etc.) on the webpage for those of us whose memories are not what they used to be. I look forward to the rest of the lectures.

The History of England

Excellent ! Glad you like it. Yup, there's been more than one comment that there's a lot of names to remember in particualr. I habour an ambition to do a 'who's who', but difficult to find the time to go back to old posts., But I'll probably do so going forward (from episode 39 at the time of writing!)


I'm new to your podcast, and so far it is excellent. However the maps/images on your website are too small to read even when i click on them. Is there any chance of providing links to full size versions?


Awesome just found these! Is there any way we can go back even before the Anglo Saxons? I'd love to hear about as early as we know.

Laura Miller

Hi. My mother and I have just discovered your fabulous blog but we're having a problem downloading the first podcast. When we click 'download podcast' it just plays but doesn't download. We are both technically challenged so please help!!!! Thanks for a great blog! x


I found your podcast thanks to a recommendation at History Books Review. I enjoyed the first one and plan
to catch up to the current one.

The History of England

Hi Sam - thank you and welcome. They get better, I promise...took me until Alfred really to have any idea of what I was doing. I love your email address by the way!

Donna Schindler

So excited about finding this!!! Will be listening to one a day or perhaps two in chronological order with my child!

Matt Boisen

How do I get the program to play all the way through? My media player episode list only goes back to the Oct 2014 podcasts, and I want to listen to program 1 (house of Wessex), but it stops right after "in 446..." when I click to play it on this page. Am I missing an app? When I click on "podcast Subscribe" I just get pages and pages of script.


Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook

I have exactly Matt's problem! I'd love to listen but I've tried three times and can't get any further than the introduction to Episode 1.

Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook

If anyone's having problems getting the audio to stream here, this site seems to work and to have an up-to-date episode listing: http://podbay.fm/show/412308812

The History of England

Thanks Hanna...

Ken Macdonald

I just discovered this podcast and am enjoying it quite a bit. It requires repeated playing to take it all in. Thanks!


Hi there. I would love to listen to all the podcasts from the beginning, but I cant seem to download them. I can listen to them on my computer but cant get them on my device. Any help would be appreciated.

The History of England

Phil, I am rubbish at the technical stuff. But you can get them all on iTunes...


Stealing the link Hanna posted (thanks Hanna!) this website has IPhone and Android listening options!

Also if anyone is having trouble with the player stopping randomly, this website also streams uninterrupted


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