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It strikes me (a man of viking descent I would have you know, know what I'm talking about I do... not.)
that it probably started out as almost a bit of a hobby, something to do when the chores were done.
Then eventually it dawned on them that it was in fact much more lucative and enjoyable than slaving away at a 9-5 job, so in the end they quit their daytime job and became full time podcasters... er... full time warriors and conquerers I mean.

The History of England

Hi Derfel. Yes, I loved the quote from Storri's saga, about the Viking who worked raiding into his year. I agree with you ; I tried to get across that life would have been hard. I should think one raid could generate enormous riches comparatively; quite apart from being a solid transferable currency. It must have been to take all the risks they took!

Sadly, not sure the analogy works for podcasters. Wish it did! Maybe it will....

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