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I have enjoyed both the History of England and Anglo Saxon podcasts, but the last episode on your site for the Anglo Saxon series stops about three months ago at Episode 12. Did you decide to end it there, or is there some other location where we should look for later episodes?

The History of England

Hi Jon - you ask about the non re-appearance of the Anglo Saxon podcast...I'm really sorry, I have just got stuck, run out of time, and had to focus on the History of England. But at some point I will get back to it!

Just not sure when...


Looking forward to when you turn your hand back to this.

The History of England

I know! It's burning a hole in my day...


Someday soon perhaps?


Agh! What to do. Recently found your pod series, terrific stuff. Since you seem to have been distracted from the Anglo Saxon Side Project with the main series (and living out the present day too!), should I skip from the early Saxons (Ep 12) straight to 1066 or go back to your first stab at Wessex / Vikings that you don't seem to be too proud of.

The History of England

Hmm, it's a problem. The series starts again today...with a new episode 13, but it'll be 2 weekly episodes so take a while to catch up. Personally I would advise going to the old series; really from Alfred they are not too bad, and I fully expect to mainly just remaster them. That would be my thought.

Incidentally, I read your note as suggesting I was not too impressed with the Vikings. Until I realised my mistake, it was a difficult time for could I have undersold the Vikings! Alright now though....


Certainly had no intention of giving the Vikings the idea that you didn't like them.

Great news on Ep 13, I'll have to try and make slow and thoughtful progress from Episode 7 onwards to give you time to catch up to the late 9th!


Where is the regnal lists? Doesn't seem to be any links.

The History of England

Hi Socco...we have moved! the new site is at You can see a load of resources there.

If you want to see the regnal list specifically, the link is this:

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