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Mark Webster

I still think it's remarkable that scholars don't relate the Danelaw to the original settlings of the Angles. I suspect the Danelaw boundaries weren't by chance, but the result of continued contact and ties over hundreds of years.


Really enjoying your podcasts & so glad that you are re-visiting the Anglo-Saxons. I'm looking forward to hearing more.
Have you read anything by Stephen Pollington? I have his book "The English Warrior From Earliest Times Till 1066", lots of great research in there, a very thorough survey of the subject. It has some useful insights into the mindset of AS culture, such as the relationships/obligations between kings and their people.


Every time I see this map, the Dad's Army theme plays in my head!

The History of England

'...who do you think you are kidding Mr Hengist... if you think old Roman Britain's done..''

Jacksarge, not I have not heard I must admit - sounds good though, I will try to dig it out

Chris Rees

I read that the Welsh language was still spoken in Stratford upon Avon in Shakespeare's time. This would be almost a millenia after the advent of Anglo-Saxon dominance.

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